Infection 2022 | Virtual Event

@Infectionevent 2022 Enchant to meet our Key Note Speaker #Ulrich Steinhoff from Philipps-University Marburg, Germany speaking on “Improved Diagnosis and Treatment of visceral Leishmaniasis”
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Join us live on June 17-18, 2022 at #Infectionevent with Jiang Wei from Second Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University #China
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World Congress on Infectious Diseases

Magnus Group extends a warm invitation to you to join its prestigious event “2nd Edition of World Congress on Infectious Diseases” which will be held in Rome, Italy during June 17-18, 2022.The conference will proceed with its unique theme “Stepping Stones in Infectious Disease Prevention, Control, and Cure.”

Infectious Diseases conference’s purpose is to examine past triumphs and lessons learned, as well as to look forward to new areas of action in the fight against infectious disease. Speakers will discuss diseases such as Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), Neuro Infectious Diseases, Problems in Infectious Disease Practice, Viral Infectious Diseases, Fungal Infectious Diseases, Blood Infectious Diseases from many viewpoints, including surveillance, diagnosis, economic effect, and risk mitigation/minimization techniques. This three-day convention brings together key specialists from all over the globe to discuss the most recent developments that can have an impact on you and your patient. The focus will also be on prevention and protection. With a review of prevalent infectious disease along with prevention and detections, you can be sure of the most recent updates in the field. Infection control in private and public practice, as well as the most recent immunization issues and recommendations, round out the event. Simply put, this is a convention that you simply cannot afford to miss.

Contact Email:

Phone: 1 (702) 988 2320

WhatsApp: +1 (540) 709 1879

Dates: June 17-18, 2022

Venue: Rome, Italy


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